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Angela Turone and Chris Platt are Canadian musicians that have been collaborating since 2014. Angela and Chris met in their hometown, Toronto, while completing their studies in the jazz performance program at the University of Toronto. There, they discovered a common love and appreciation for Brazilian music and came together as an ensemble. With Angela on vocals and piano and Chris on guitar, they seek to explore the diverse and beautiful music of Brazil, performing their creative interpretations of repertoire from the bossa nova, samba and jazz genres.

Their 2020, FACTOR-funded album Sounds of Brazil is a reflection of Angela and Chris' deep interest in Brazilian music and how it intertwines with their jazz roots. The album features some of Canada's top jazz talent, including Chase Sanborn, Pat Collins, Robin Claxton, Andrew Downing and John Nicholson. Sounds of Brazil also features Minas Gerais born percussionist, Hélio Cunha.

Angela and Chris have performed in some of Canada's largest jazz festivals including the TD Toronto Jazz Festival and the TD Niagara Jazz Festival. They also perform regularly throughout Toronto at venues including The Home Smith Bar in the Old Mill Toronto and Mezzetta Restaurant & Tapas Bar. Each spring, they perform an annual, month-long residency at the Rex Jazz & Blues Bar.

Angela and Chris often collaborate with some of Canada's top musicians, including Chase Sanborn, Pat Collins, Robin Claxton and Hélio Cunha.

Notable Performances

Kensington Market Jazz Festival (2019)
TD Toronto Jazz Festival (2017 & 2018)
TD Toronto Jazz Festival 'Generations of Jazz' Concert (2017)
Twilight Jazz Series (2017)
Residency at the Rex Jazz & Blues Bar (2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 upcoming)
Prince Edward County Jazz Festival (Turone: 2013, 2014, 2017 | Platt: 2015 & 2017)



Angela Turone & Chris Platt

FACTOR Juried Sound Recording Grant (2019)


Angela Turone

FACTOR Demo Program Grant (2015)

FM91 Mary Alice Stuart Scholarship (2014)

University of Toronto Jazz Program Composition Contest (2014)

University of Toronto Jazz Arranging Prize (2013)

Richard Iorweth Thorman Jazz Scholarship, University of Toronto (2013)


Chris Platt

Nominated for the Julian Award of Excellence (2019)



Angela Turone & Chris Platt

Sounds of Brazil (2020) by Angela Turone & Chris Platt


Angela Turone

  • Drift to You (2016) by Angela Turone.
    Vocalist, pianist, composer (Inside Your Hand, Changes, Will Your Arms Be There)

Additional Recordings

  • Reflections (2013)
    by the University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra & Mike Murley.

    Vocalist on Minas Mist (Murley)

Chris Platt

  • Sky Glow (2017) Chris Platt Trio
  • Sweet Ruby Suite (2016) (feat. Norma Winstone and Dave Liebmen), University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra
    • Featured soloist and accompanist
  • The Bitter Suite Marie Goudy 12tet (2018)
    • Featured soloist and accompanist


Angela Turone's voice is as pleasant as windchimes playing on a soft, June breeze. Chris Platt's tasty guitar licks enhance their production, reflecting a warm camaraderie that's noticeable between the two artists. Listening to their music made me feel peaceful and brought a smile to my lips.

Dee Dee McNeil
Musical Memoirs

This pair, and their pals from the frozen north, find room to give Brazilian classics a new spin without making the apple fall far from the tree but still make it something new and engaging to hear. Letting their love for the classics and the masters lead the way, they serve up a sweetest set of Jobim etc you could hope to find. A first class treat for fans of the sound that set the standard.

Chris Spector
Midwest Record